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with everything that's going on in the world it seems really useless to be writing about myself, but you've found your way here:

I remember being given a Kodak brownie camera to keep me busy during a family road trip. My first subjects were animals at a small farm somewhere in california.

After that, I was handed various instamatic cameras or polaroids. I bought my first camera with babysitting money from a mail-order catalog. It was a Nikon, the first of many film cameras. I think I was the only girl in the photography club in junior high. I learned to develop and print in 1978. I kept that up throughout my school years. I wanted to be Annie Leibovitz and attended her alma mater.

I started designing jewelry and found that I was good at it. I earned a degree in fashion design, worked for clothing designers and worked in film- I loved working on sets!

Life happened, motherhood happened, more life and I kept taking photos.

I'm still shooting with a Nikon, but now it's a DSLR.

A long story just to say that I've been a student of photography for a long, long time. I love it. It brings me joy and it frustrates me too. I'm here because I want to keep working and trying new things.

I hope you like the things that I see. ~cyd

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